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Diego Ortega 13.12.2017
This is the second year I order this great calendar, love it. I received the calendar on time and in perfect condition =)
Kelman Natalia 27.11.2017
Every year I order calendars for my cat lovers friends. Nice pictures and great quality! This time also ordered socks, they're also looking cute :) for sure will order more :)
Watson Kathy 22.11.2017
Despite my package getting momentarily lost (apparently my postie forgot my town, despite it being nice and clear on the package, LOL!), it arrived safe and sound, and is even better than the previous calendar I bought.  Lovely quality, and hilarious to read, looking forward to using it next year
Ana 02.11.2017
Love my order, it's going to be a lovely birthday present for a cat lover.
Barbara 23.10.2017
I'm very satisfied with my order - fast delivery, good quality, nice gift. 5/5
Artem Novoseltsev 21.10.2017
Thanks for order! Delivery was very fast! This was my first order, and im gonna to order something else later!
Rocio Martinez 17.10.2017
This is my third order. I loved the stickers, and they added a card as a gift! Thank you so much! :)
Punkawat Khempattanachai 24.08.2017
You know you're in for something very cute when it comes to Lingvistov. Combining that to free shipping with tracking code, it's just perfect.
Aleksandra 15.08.2017
I ordered a birthday card and received it after 5 weeks in perfect condition. In addition I was suprised with a couple cute stickers as a gift!
Ngoc Tuyet Ngo 24.07.2017
I ordered a birthday card for my friend, and it was delivered in perfect condition with a cute sticker along. Thanks to the meticulousness of the staff. Very good customer care. I will definitely choose your products again.
Esther 23.07.2017
I ordered a small print, "Remember Diet"; it was my first order. I received periodic email updates about the status of my order.  A Lingvistov staff emailed me when they shipped my order, which I was pleasantly surprised about!  It was very cute and I wished I could afford something as cute on a T-shirt.  I look forward to more art work and items from your store. Thank you!  
Damini Kashelkar 03.07.2017
Giulia Cappelli 27.05.2017
I ordered three stickers from Italy. They were a bit late, so I sent a message to the seller and they told me they would send my order again for free with a gift! I got 5 stickers plus a beautiful card, and I absolutely love them. I will definitely buy other items from this website! The art is great and the staff really cares for their customers :)
Rosa Reixach 22.05.2017
It was my first order. I bought a bookmark for a friend (gonna be one of her bday's present) and i'm sure she'll love it! I already did! I ordered from Spain and it took about 3 weeks to arrive.  I'm really grateful for the discount coupon and the mini print! i'm sure i will order again. I like this page so much!
char 12.05.2017
I ordered the 'catitude' print and a birthday card for my friend and i'm super stoked on the quality of the product! and i'm sure my friend will love them too. i ordered from canada (near toronto) and it took about 3 weeks to arrive. i love all of the art here and i'm sure i will order again soon! :)
Rocio Martinez 08.05.2017
This is my second time ordering from your page. I'm from Chile, so my orders take 6 weeks to arrive, but they worth the wait. The book is so much better than I imagined! :D I absolutely loved it. And the card is so cute, with all those cats. Thank you so much <3
Rocio Martinez 13.04.2017
​​Thank you so much, the greeting card is so beautiful <3 And I'm in love with Russian stamps from the envelope! (I don't know why I can´t put this pic in landscape orientation).
Kris 13.08.2016
The purchase of this card happen super "accidentally" when I saw the article in Bored Panda and then I opened your site. I liked 2978293821038 cards, but this me captivated... Thank you for the bonus card, it's very lovely! Continue to follow your dreams!

Super satisfied client, Kris
Kathryn 21.06.2016
I’m from China. I love your marvelous works!!!! I like the doodles, they bring me a lot of happiness.! Thank you very much! Keep punching!!!!!
Christina 17.04.2016
II LOOOOOOVE your work. I’m from Colombia and I found it through a lovely 9gag repost of the pic of the girl that wouldn’t know what to do if she had a boyfriend hahaha «how often do they have to be walked?» HAHAHA <3 love them all seriously. they're brilliant :)
Paul 18.03.2016
Dear Lingvistov,

Something awesome came in my mailbox today, and without saying it's the package I ordered from Lingvistov. ;)

It is well packed, and attached please find a photo of displaying it on my study. It is so nice of you putting two extra cards. One of which was Paris, a place that reminds me of the beautiful years I lived in France. Thank you.

Thank you again for the fantastic job designing these amazing cards and books, and it's been fun following your work on the Internet, I wish the business keeps blooming and all the best to you with my heart.

Sincerely, Paul
Jegorova 16.02.2016
The package has safely arrived! Collected it from the post office today.
Please find the proof picture attached to this email. Unfortunately it is not of good quality as the smallest member of our family did not feel like taking pictures at the time, so we had to use the timer function (thus this weird angle). Nevertheless I hope you still like it. Probably not as much as we like your doodles, but still :)

Greetings from rather snowy Tallinn,
Customer 22.01.2016
Thank you for the amazing calendar!

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