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About Us

We are a team of creative people who can’t walk past a cute book shop, who love cats, art design, illustrations, and a good joke. Hey, who doesn’t? We live in Russia and professionally we’re not even close to designers or artists (Who cares about professions?! You’re born this way!). We are also not greedy businessmen/megalomaniacs/tycoons. We actually come from different educational backgrounds (one of us even has a stable job) but were lucky to find one thing that we love doing, which is creating unique gifts and illustrations that make people around us happy. We’re very enthusiastic about what we do and about our online gift shop!

Landysh (i.e. me) and Asia graduated from linguistic university and dreamed of spreading their knowledge and love of English to as many people as possible. So began the story of Lingvistov school of English via Skype, which still exists! Check it out here! But (a very important fact!) it turned out that we had much more to offer. We LOVE illustration art, cartoons, comics, memes and brilliant English humour! And we started making Lingvistov doodles (see “What are the doodles” below) and uploading them to our website and social network pages. We also LOVE books in all their shapes and forms. And we started writing children’s books, stories, illustrating them and making audiobooks. English is still a very important part of our lives because it lets us reach amazing people from all the corners of the Earth and make them smile when they see our doodles or read our books with funny book illustrations. Soon our students, Facebook and Instagram followers started asking for greeting cards and art prints with Lingvistov doodles. Asking is too mild a word… demanding! So we launched our online shop with unique gifts, funny greeting cards and illustrated books. This was the beginning of a very exciting journey that’s still continuing!

Nothing can make your day better, sunnier and more special than a portion of good humour and funny pictures (esp. if they feature cats)! Lingvistov doodles are absolutely unique drawings created by Landysh. They usually contain a funny joke or a well-known saying but it’s not always the case. One of my students said they are mostly about cats, food and sleep. I’d say they are about the most important things in our lives! Now we design, print and deliver greetings cards and art prints with Lingvistov doodles. The idea is: if you’re looking for birthday gifts ideas, a gift for mom or just a very unusual gift that has the potential of making somebody much-much happier, Lingvistov Shop is the place to find them!

Firstly because they ARE unique, funny and just generally pretty awesome! No one can deny it. If you study English, our funny illustrations will also help you learn new words and slang expressions. Lingvistov greeting cards are printed on high-quality designer paper in Russia and are supplied with an envelope. You can ask us to send it to your friend as a present! And we’ll gladly write a little message on the back of the greeting card. Our prints, books and stationery have great quality, are carefully packed and sent to you in time. Great service, exclusive designs and exceptional sense of humour make us your best choice!

I’d like to take a moment to thank all those who helped and continue helping us. The best gift is to know that people love what we create! So:

1. The biggest help will be of course if you buy our greeting cards, books, art prints and many-many other things we have in our shop or are going to stock soon!

2. Spread the word! Tell your friends about us and show them our doodles. They’ll love them! trust me. And you’ll forever be the one who knows how to have real fun!

3. Follow us in Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr! Daily portions of humor and overwhelming cuteness are guaranteed!

4. If you represent a store or know people who work in stores that might be interested in Lingvistov doodle greeting cards, prints and stationery, we will be happy to cooperate! Please write to us at or fill in the Enquiries form.